Dealing with Blemishes on Your Skin

Dealing with Blemishes on Your Skin

At some point in life we will all deal with unwanted blemishes on our skin, whether it's on our face or body.  Many people have spent hundreds of dollars on various skin treatments ranging from chemical peels to laser technology to rid their skin of blemishes. However, you already know that here at Go Nude we are all about clearing your skin problems with the most natural solution. So we are going to share with you some helpful tips to get rid of skin blemishes. 

First, let's dive into acne scars because those are really annoying, right? Several studies have shown that turmeric is the Kung Fu kick ass ingredient for almost all inflammatory conditions concerning the skin, so it's no surprise that it's highly recommended for removing acne scars. Now I know some of you hate the smell (I'm right there with you) but sometimes the best thing for us comes in a not so lovely package. Although we would love for you to purchase products from our No More Acting Out line, we understand that you may want to try some cost saving DIY routines. Try a simple turmeric and honey mask 1 to 2x a week or even a lemon juice and honey mask. Lemon juice has been proven to be a natural skin lightener but be sure to test on a small patch of your skin before complete usage to avoid skin irritation. Consistency with these two options should yield desired results in 4-6 weeks.

Second, let's talk about blackheads. (I have some that are driving me nuts!!) These little suckers can pop up anywhere but usually appear on the nose, lip line, or chin. To remove these you can mix baking soda and water to form a thin mask or mix brown sugar, honey, and lemon juice as a mask. Another effective treatment for blackheads is tea tree oil, so look for soaps and cleansers containing this ingredient. Lastly, the ole infamous turmeric is also a game changer for blackheads just mix with some coconut oil (or other oil of your choice) to make a mask. Again, consistency with these options should yield prompt results.

Third, hyperpigmentation is one of the main culprits that we all hate! Turmeric or products containing turmeric are the most useful in fading darker areas on the skin. Also shea and cocoa butter have shown tremendous fading properties in clearing hyperpigmentation (especially on the body). Use any of the aforementioned turmeric masks or scrubs to help rid yourself of the hyperpigmentation monster. Consistency is always key so find a good routine that works for you and stick with it. 

There are many other blemishes that include cysts, nodules, papules, and some infected ingrown hairs. These blemishes should always be evaluated by a medical professional (even before natural treatment) because there could be more serious causes for these conditions. Sometimes surgical removal is necessary for growths on the skin so don't try any type of removal method at home because this could be dangerous and potentially life threatening.

In conclusion, there are many methods and routines that you can implement at home to naturally clear your skin blemishes. We would be remiss if we didn't mention our products that can help with some of your blemishes. Below is a list of products that you can purchase right here on our site to solve your problems with skin blemishes, so check those out. Ok, now that I have talked your ear off, go off into the world and be that naturally beautiful/handsome bad ass that you were born to be!

Antionette C.

Acne + Scarring

NMAO (No More Acting Out)

Face bar/toner/serum

Hyperpigmentation + Blackheads

Turmeric Face scrub

Lemon drop soap (only use on body acne/blemishes)

Turmeric n Honey soap (only use on body acne/blemishes)

Turmeric and Lavender soap (only use on body acne/blemishes)

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