Skincare Tips for Clear Skin

Skincare Tips for Clear Skin

I'm sure that you've heard it all; from "don't forget to wear your sunscreen" to "don't use a cloth to wash your face." Well, we will discuss a few skincare tips that will aid you in your journey to clear, glowing skin. The first rule of thumb is that your skin type will play a huge factor in the regimen and routines that you implement to keep your skin in tact. Each person has a specific skin type.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, acne prone, or combination, you will have to do what is best for your skin and sometimes that may not look like what the next person is doing.

 Let's go over so common ways to improve your skin regardless of skin type.

1.) Exfoliate at least 3x per week. Never over exfoliate! (It's encouraged that you use exfoliating gloves.)

2.) Avoid skincare products that contain harsh chemicals and perfumes. (Our products are all natural so you'll never have that problem *wink*)

3.) Drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet. (Yes, this matters a lot!)

4.) Change your pillow cases at least once a week. (This tip is for everyone, but especially for oily and acne prone skin. Bed sheets should be changed frequently as well.)

5.) Always moisturize after washing. (MedicalNewsToday recommends washing 2x daily and especially after sweating)

6.) Always use a sun blocker and sunscreen to minimize developing skin cancer and damage.

These are just some quick tips to help keep your skin clean, clear and void of free radicals that can keep it from looking its best.

Now ladies, these next steps are especially for you. 

Hot water is known to dry out and damage skin. We should be using lukewarm water instead. (Don't shoot the messenger lol) We also need to be mindful of the makeup brands that we are using and ensuring that they use natural ingredients. (E.l.f. Cosmetics, bareMinerals, and Milani are a few well known vegan brands.)

Make sure that any facial scrubs contain milder exfoliants such as jojoba beads, poppy seeds, and/or botanical powders rather than sugar. Sugar is know to be too abrasive for face scrubs.

Last but certainly not least, avoid fried foods, excess sugar, smoking, and stress inducers when you're trying to fight skin breakouts and, quite frankly, these should be avoided in general. Exercise and get plenty of rest on a daily basis.

Make it a point to research some information in your down time. There are a wealth of articles on the web that provide other skincare tips and oopsies to avoid, but these are just a few to help you along you skincare journey. Ok! Hopefully you learned something new today. Now go be great and remember that you are beautiful just the way you are!


With love,


Antionette C.

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