Solving the "Too" Problem

Solving the "Too" Problem

In today's world, technology has become the foundation for life as we now know it.  From our streaming platforms where we have thousands of movie/tv show choices to social media platforms with dozens of influencers guiding our everyday mundane choices. One thing is made very clear; that is the overload of options at our fingertips. We have become victims to what I like to call the “too” factor. It’s way too much that we must choose from and accomplish in often too little time.  Let’s consider skincare brands-because isn’t this an obvious example for me to use (insert wink)- there are big name brands that have always been in business and there are upcoming smaller brands fighting to gain a piece of this lucrative market.

Your POV as the consumer is tiresome because you ponder the question, “what brand is best?” The company’s POV is also tiresome because we ponder the question, “how can I persuade the customer to buy from me?” It all boils down to the simple fact that we are all suffering from the “too” factor. Brands often market either too little or too much; too aggressive or too passive; too broad or too narrow. On the contrast, you may feel like you receive too many marketing emails/texts, or you simply have too many subscriptions and now struggle with choosing one.  Moreover, you have too much going on in your personal life. Maybe your kids have sports practice, and you must finish laundry before getting dinner on the table for the evening. Not to mention you haven’t been to the gym in a week, your manicure is way past due, and you haven’t gotten a chance to schedule your doctor’s checkup.

I share in this sentiment being a single mom, working professional, and rising entrepreneur that must wear several hats and complete several tasks daily. Trust me in that you are not alone as we are all trying to make it happen every time our feet hit the floor in the morning.  Funny thing is, wasn’t life supposed to get easier as technology advanced? Could it be that technology itself is too advanced, causing us to have to level up to keep up? What we really need is a solution to this problem of the “too.”

So here are my little two cents on how to make life choices and tasks just a little bit easier to manage. Try to organize things as best as possible. I know that sounds too easy to be the solution but hear me out. I have always found it helpful to break down duties into smaller segments so that they seem less overwhelming. For example, start using a planner to schedule out your time for working out, skincare routines, errands, etc. This will help your tasks to, at least, seem more manageable once you can view them written down. As for help with choosing from way “too” many options, narrow down your choices based on what is most valuable to you. For example, if you prefer a natural skincare product that has less allergens and a high price isn’t too concerning, then choose one that fits that value proposition and vice versa. If you need a planner, you can sign up for our emailer( if you’re not already apart of the family 😊) and download this free 30-Day Skincare and Wellness Planner.  I hope that this is the start of your journey to solving your own individual “too” factor.


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