Why is it so important to know your skin type?

Why is it so important to know your skin type?

If you don't know your skin type, then you can't create an effective skincare regimen. I would've had clear skin a long time ago had I realized this one important fact.  I have been living with psoriasis for over 20 years now. I shared most of my story in my last blog post so, if you have time, go back and read it for a little more background. Psoriasis has pretty much controlled my life since age 15 and it has been an ongoing battle to keep my skin clear. Often times, I am able to keep my face clear but my legs are really the biggest issue (insert eye roll emoji).

I was always prescribed steroidal creams by my dermatologists and told that I have various types of psoriasis. So, imagine my surprise when I relocate to Texas and am told by a new dermatologist that my condition looks more like seborrheic dermatitis. "What???? I have never been treated for that before," was my first thought after hearing the statement. However, as I began reading up on the skin condition, I soon realized that the dermatologist was most likely correct. This changed the whole ball game when it came to treating my skin because my body rashes were most indicative of psoriasis but my face was definitely seborrheic dermatitis.

Now, SD is the immune system's reaction to a type of yeast called Malassezia. In laymen's terms, the skin produces a yeast rash when in contact with excessive oils.  This would strike the average person as strange since the skin rashes that occur are very dry, flaky patches. Most people would think to put more oil on the flakiness to prevent further dryness. This would be totally contrary to the solution though. Therefore, it is very important to know your skin type and conditions because what may appear to be an easy solution might actually worsen your skin problem. Knowing your skin condition and how it works can be a long drawn out process of extensive research taking you down one rabbit hole after another.  Luckily for you, Go Nude Skincare has rid you of that task by doing the research for you.

We have come to the conclusion that first, we must encourage our customers to get to know their skin. If needed, go to the dermatologist and ask plenty of questions. Of course, we are a natural skincare company that literally discourages long term steroidal use due to the long term harmful effects, but a dermatologist visit is still encouraged to receive medical advice on your skin condition, if applicable. 

Once you are educated about your skin type, then we can begin to develop an effective skincare regimen that will solve your problems naturally. You can't treat oily skin the way you would treat dry skin and you can't treat acne the same way you would treat combination skin. We are constantly researching and developing new skincare products that will tackle all skincare issues one step at a time.

Caring for our skin is a process that must be met with patience and a stress free mindset. Natural alternatives take time to yield results much to the contrary of its synthetically created counterparts. This is something that we as naturalists already know. However, we can speed up the process by taking the time to know our skin better. Only then can we make better informed decisions on the solutions that are needed.


Antionette Crutcher

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